ELRI provides services to European public institutions and translation centres for the collection, preparation and sharing of multilingual language resources.

The initiative is deploying National Relay Stations where language resources can be shared at the national level and remain under Member States' laws and regulations until further clearance is granted for sharing with the European Commission or with the community.

ELRI provides integrated processing pipelines to automatically prepare resources that are suitable for human and automatic translation services.

The infrastructure has been deployed in the four Member States that participate in the project, visit our National Relay Stations in our Resources page.


ELRI provides the following main benefits:

The provision of separate data sharing layers establishes a clear process where compliance with the relevant sharing restrictions can be established at every step.

Raw language resources are converted automatically into a format useful for translation experts as well as machine translation infrastructures.

Data sharing with ELRI provides broad compliance verification covering intellectual property rights, the Public Sector Information Directive and DSI-specific needs.

Language resources can be shared as deemed appropriate by stakeholders, with return benefits for providers as well as users of translation services.


1.- Register as member of a national users group within the ELRI infrastructure.

2.- Upload translation memories or documents in different languages to the National Relay Station in your Member State.

3.- Specify your resource sharing conditions at the national, European and/or community level.

4.- Let automated processing prepare valid translation resources.

5.- Retrieve translation memories created from your resources or existing ones available to your group.